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Hello friends!! Thanks to everyone who bought, read and reviewed Riding Dirty! I’m SO excited about Ace and Janelle’s story. When I switched gears from romantic suspense to erotic/MC romance, one of my goals was to generate more interest in that couple. Mission accomplished! Whether you prefer RS or ER/MC, I hope you’ll enjoy this one.

Switching gears again–to Wild. The release date is November 3. Where did the time go?! I posted an excerpt of the first chapter on the books page. I’m doing a Goodreads giveaway. For reviewers, I have epub and mobi files. Use the contact form and let me know if you want a copy. Any and all reviews are appreciated!! Early, late, good, bad, short, long, gifs, stars, hearts, moons, whatever.

You can preorder for $3.99 at the usual places. The print version will be around $9. That’s the lowest price I could set, and I had to reduce the margins/page count to get it that low. Both versions are the same word count/length. I think it’s between 85-90k. This is my first self-published title and I’d love to see it do well!! I’m planning to self-publish a follow-up novella, “Wild For Him,” later in November. I’ll reveal the cover soon–it’s gorgeous.

Wild is part of my Aftershock series, but it’s a stand-alone novel with all new characters. The only connection is the event (San Diego earthquake). It’s no problem if you haven’t read the others in the series. You can start here! It has a zookeeper heroine, a surfer-prankster-security officer hero, elephant sex jokes, and lots of wild animal action! I also wrote a romantic subplot that I’m really proud of. I do love my subplots. This is probably my favorite so far.

Here’s the print cover. I insisted on elephants!! Love them.


Thanks again!







Dirty Photo Tour #4: Bombay Beach

Bombay Beach is a small town on the east side of the Salton Sea. The climax of Badlands occurs here, so I’ve blogged about it before. In Riding Dirty, Cole takes Mia to a motorcycle club rally on the shore. There’s a wild party, card games, dirty rock n’ roll and a drunken hookup in a hotel room.

I got these pictures on Wiki Commons. Photographers in order: Alexander Novati, Micheal Fiegle, Tuxyso.




I love the desert and the Salton Sea is just a fascinating place. We’ll revisit this area in Ace and Janelle’s story. I’m so excited to continue to the series with these characters in this setting. I know it’s not a typical romantic getaway, and that’s what draws me in. I’ve always been interested in people on the fringes of society, and characters struggling to do the right thing or make a better life.

That’s it for the Dirty tour! Thanks for coming along!!




Dirty Photo Tour 3: Slab City

Welcome to day 3 of the Riding Dirty Photo Tour! Today’s hotspot is Slab City, a unique desert community on the margins of society. With no running water, no fees and no amenities, it’s “off the grid,” and seems like a natural place for outlaws. It’s part of Cole’s backstory in Riding Dirty. His family lived here when he was a teenager.

I visited Slab City in 2013, when I was writing Badlands, and I found it absolutely fascinating. The Dirty Eleven series is a spinoff of Badlands. This setting will play a larger role in Ace’s story.

In Riding Dirty, Cole takes Mia to Slab City to show her around. It’s about an hour from Indio, on the eastern side of the Salton Sea. They check out East Jesus, an outdoor art garden. Here are my photos of Slab City and East Jesus.



I wasn’t sure about snapping close-ups of people’s homes, so the first shot is from far away. You can click to enlarge. There are hundreds of trailers, many rows/streets and mini-communities within the larger space. We drove through around noon, so the photo quality isn’t the best. It was hot and dusty and dry.




desert 096

These are all of East Jesus, a quirky outdoor art display. My photos don’t do them justice, but I was really blown away by some of the exhibits. The media is mostly recycled junk, and it’s definitely eclectic. It reminded me of German Expressionism, which I learned about in college. There might be a better name for this art style that I’m not familiar with. The theme seems to be a commentary on society’s wastefulness and consumerism. There are some weird sexual details, penises attached to robots, art within art. Interesting to study at close range. Not appropriate for children, perhaps, but there was only one piece I steered my girls away from.

Warning–the below image is disturbing (sexual violence).


I found this one pretty chilling. Mia sees a similar piece during her visit with Cole.

Hope you’re enjoying the tour! Our next stop is Bombay Beach.

Dirty Photo Tour 2: Burt’s Date Farm

Hello all! Welcome to day 2 of the Riding Dirty Photo Tour. Today we’re visiting “Burt’s Date Farm.” Dates are kind of a big deal in Indio, California. Date palms thrive there because of the dry, hot climate. They have an annual date festival. Burt’s is a fictional place based on the real date farms in the area.

The date clusters are protected from birds by muslin sacks before harvest time.


Here are my girls on the garden path.



Cole and Mia of Riding Dirty visit the gardens after regular business hours for a hot date. They break some trespassing and public decency laws. As you do.

Hope you’re enjoying the tour! Our next stop is Slab City.

Riding Dirty release day!!

Hello all! Riding Dirty is OUT NOW. Get it, girl!!


Excerpt and buy links on the book page.

Want more Dirty Eleven action? I’m writing Ace and Janelle’s story now. This couple first appeared in Badlands, book 3 in my Aftershock series. You don’t have to read the series in order, but I know some readers prefer it.


The Dirty Eleven series is a spinoff from Badlands with some of the same characters and setting locations. Speaking of setting locations, I’m continuing the Dirty Photo Tour this week, so stay tuned for my cool desert pics. Yeah!

I’m really excited about this new direction and I’ve been seeing lots of great reviews. THANK YOU. SO MUCH. Even for the not-great reviews–those are helpful to let readers know what they’re getting into with this story. There is edgy, explicit sex and not everyone will like it.

I have more guest posts and giveaways scheduled for my blog tour all this week & next. Whee!!


New cover reveal: Wild

Hello all! WILD is available for preorder on Amazon and Kobo. Check out my new cover:

Click it! It gets bigger.

Wild passion

Zookeeper Helena Fjord has a dangerous job at San Diego’s Wildlife Park. She’s got no time for nonsense, and no interest in handsome, laid-back security officer Josh Garrison. She steers clear of his silly pranks and sexy smile. Until disaster strikes.

Natural instincts

Josh has been coasting ever since his Navy SEAL dreams went up in smoke. He’s always had the hots for Helena, but the lady is off-limits. When a devastating earthquake hits, the unlikely pair must work together to secure the park’s borders. With wild animals on the loose, aftershocks imminent, and fires blazing across the city, they face serious peril—and a powerful attraction. Josh vows to protect Helena at all costs. But who will safeguard her heart?

This is my first self-published book and I’m so proud. Amber of Book Beautiful, who did my new website, designed the cover. My friend Jackie Barbosa did the formatting and has helped me with every step. Carolyn Crane gave me tips on CreateSpace. The book had already been through the full editing process at HQN with my wonderful editor, Stacy Boyd. So I think what you’re getting is a NY-polished book with a great cover at a lower price.


I finished the tie-in novella, “Wild for Him,” and I’ll reveal that cover soon. I’m really hoping that these titles do well. I love the concept and the characters. I think it’s probably even harder to succeed in self-publishing than traditional, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

WILD will be available on iTunes soon. Barnes & Noble doesn’t do preorders (I don’t think) and neither does CreateSpace, so you’ll have to wait until November 3 for Nook and print. If you already preordered the HQN version, you don’t have to cancel. It’s automatic.

The print version will be more expensive than my other paperbacks, so I wanted to warn you about that. The ebook is $3.99. “Wild for Him” will be 99 cents, and digital only.


Dirty Photo Tour

Riding Dirty is almost here! I’m so excited!!


Preorder now and read Oct 1: Kindle Nook Apple Kobo

This title is available on NetGalley, so get it there if you can.

Read an exclusive, sexy excerpt at Heroes & Heartbreakers.

I have a bunch of guest posts and giveaways scheduled for release week. I’m also doing a photo tour right here to highlight some of the book’s hotspots. I love my California settings and hands-on research, so I often visit the places I write about. When I started Riding Dirty, I’d never been to Indio, California. It’s a bustling desert town east of Palm Springs. I was familiar with the general area, but I had to see it for myself. We decided to drive out from San Diego one weekend in June.

Our first stop was Lake Cahuilla. This is where Cole and Mia meet for a couple of clandestine encounters. The county park offers camping, fishing and horse trails. It also has a huge swimming pool, open in summer months only. My girls had a great time splashing around.



lake 3

This is me among the palm trees. So relaxing. You can click on the pics for a better look.

Cole and Mia share their first kiss here at the park, in an imaginary rest area with a visitor center, shade and concrete tables. See the excerpt above to read this scene.

Stay tuned for more personal photos and setting details! We’ll visit Slab City, an off-the-grid trailer park, and Bombay Beach, the site of a wild motorcycle club rally. The next stop on the tour is “Burt’s Date Farm,” where Cole and Mia have a dirty date.

Dirty ARCs and Wild Bits

Hello friends!! Thanks so much for the outpouring of support about my recent self-publishing news. All the hugs and kisses to everyone. XOXOXOXXX

DIRTY ARCS: I have epub and mobi files for Riding Dirty. It’s not on NetGalley yet and we’re getting down to the wire! Less than three weeks until release day. Reviewers, you can use the contact form here to request, or you can email my publicist, estelle@forewordliterary.com.

WILD BITS: I have the cover for Wild and it’s hot stuff! I’ll reveal it when I put the title up for pre-order in a few weeks. The print version will be available through CreateSpace. The tentative release date is November 1. Yay!!

Here’s the blurb:

Wild passion

Zookeeper Helena Fjord has a dangerous job at San Diego’s Wildlife Park. She’s got no time for nonsense, and no interest in handsome, laidback security officer Josh Garrison. She steers clear of his silly pranks and sexy smile. Until disaster strikes.

Natural instincts

Josh has been coasting ever since his Navy SEAL dreams went up in smoke. He’s always had the hots for Helena, but the lady is off limits. When a devastating earthquake hits, the unlikely pair must work together to secure the park’s borders. With wild animals on the loose, aftershocks imminent, and fires blazing across the city, they face serious peril—and a powerful attraction. Josh vows to protect Helena at all costs. But who will safeguard her heart?

Feast on these teasers.

wild bit1wild bit2

You ask for mantitty; I give you mantitty.

Wild News

Hello friends!

I have some awkward news. I thought about keeping it to myself but I decided to just come out with it. I’m sure there are other authors in similar situations, and knowing they’re not alone might be comforting. So here’s the deal: HQN will not be publishing Wild. They pulled it from the schedule and cancelled my next few projects.

Riding Dirty will be released on Oct 1 in digital, as planned.

The good news is that Wild is fully edited and ready to go. I’m having a cover made and a friend is helping me with self-publishing. The bad news is that you probably won’t find it on the shelf at your local bookstore. I think I can arrange for print-on-demand copies through online booksellers. I’d love to see these at libraries, so I hope that’s an option as well.

The reason for the cancellation was lack of pre-orders from bookstores. My sales overall have not been as strong as they need to be. This is the reality of the industry and it’s similar to what happened with my previous publisher. I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve been wronged in any way. My publishers have done a lot of things to help me. I was excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine–twice. I have lovely cover quotes from Cindy Gerard, Stephanie Tyler and Maya Banks. I got bundled with Suzanne Brockmann in Passion & Peril. “Island Peril” was offered as a promotional freebie. I’ve worked with wonderful editors. I just haven’t been a runaway success.

It happens. This is a tough biz. But I’m a tough girl, and I’ll be fine.

Okay, so what’s next? I’m doing a big promo blitz for Riding Dirty in late Sept/early Oct. There will be dirty guest posts and excerpts galore. I’ve been told that the book will be on NetGalley, so fingers crossed for that. Please request and review! And preorder! This is a smokinhot 80k novel for only $3.

I’ll keep you posted on a new cover, blurb and release date for Wild. Right now I’m writing a tie-in novella called “Wild for Him.” All good things.

Thank you so much for your support.


New Look, New Book!

Hello all! I’m so excited to launch my new website, designed by Amber Lin of Book Beautiful!! Poke around and tell me what you think.

I also have a pretty new book cover:


He’s her weapon of choice

Psychologist Mia Richards wants revenge. Her new client, tattooed Cole “Shank” Shepherd, provides the perfect means. She just has to manipulate the felon-turned-informant into eliminating her husband’s killers—members of Cole’s rival motorcycle club. The first step, seducing Cole, is simple. As for walking away before she falls hard—it’s already too late…

Dirty Eleven practically raised Cole, and he plans to double-cross the cops rather than sell them out. But smart, sexy Mia is an irresistible distraction. While she’s evaluating his mind, all he can think about is her body…until he discovers her true intentions. Walking a fine line between desire and betrayal, they’ll have to outrun her past, his enemies and the law for a love that’s dangerously real.

Riding Dirty is coming Oct 1! You can preorder now and read an excerpt here.

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