Island Peril free & available!

Hello friends!

I mistakenly thought Island Peril would be free for preorder only. But it’s out now, and still free! Get it while the gettin’s good. I believe this deal lasts until May 31st.

island peril

Excerpt and buy links here.

Hope you enjoy.


Island Peril free & available! — 6 Comments

  1. Not free from Kobo!!! Stupid kobo…. but like I said I don’t care best $2.00 I spent in a long time!!

  2. ALSO….. Do you know who the cover model is for Backwoods? Because honestly what I can see, it looks like Colin Wayne…. Please tell me you know the answer cause it will bug the hell out of me. It’s the bum chin… I always notice these things cause I have a bum chin…. I was called bum chin LOL

  3. WHAT!!! YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF COLIN WAYNE?????? OMG…. just kidding but seriously here is a story about him… And yes I am positive he is the cover model for Backwoods. He is a gorgeous man!!

    Same with Alex Turner. you should see if your people can wrangle Turner for a book cover… although I may never make it past the cover… just kidding

  4. Oh that’s a nice story about Wayne. Maybe Turner can be on my Riding Dirty cover? Ha. I prefer a leaner build (and chest hair!) so most cover models are not my type.

  5. Isn’t it!!
    Ya Turner should be riding dirty… with me haha kidding. Or am I?!? And I’m not into super buff guys usually but Turner has more going for him than his buff bod!! And chest hair really? Am I on Lori Foster’s blog?!? I don’t mind a little bit of hair I guess, but I prefer a bare chest….