Backwoods, diversity, etc.

Hello friends!

I have author copies of Backwoods, so you know what time it is. Giveaway time! Enter to win one of 30 copies at Goodreads. I do giveaways at Goodreads because it’s easy and I hope to generate some early reviews. Please write a review if you can. Long or short, gifs or words, positive or negative, I don’t care. Reviews help books get discovered by readers. I’ve heard that it takes 200+ 5-star reviews to get noticed on Amazon. I’m not sure if this is true or not. The publishing industry is so crazy these days.

Speaking of crazy, I wrote a long blog post about Writing In Color at Romance Around the Corner. I’m not sure if I should talk about the subject of diversity anymore or just sit down and be quiet. Suggestions welcome.

Did you get your free pre-order of Island Peril yet? Offer ends on May 31st!! Read your free copy and write me a review, y’all. Just be like “it was good” or “it was okay” or “wtf” and throw up some stars.

Want more? Read the first chapter of both stories on the Books page.



Backwoods, diversity, etc. — 2 Comments

  1. *More diversity = more familiarity = more readers embracing multicultural romance = unicorns ejaculating rainbows*

    BEST QUOTE EVER…. I fuckin love you Jill!!