One more week…

…until Aftershock releases!

I’ve got so much going on this week. I just started writing Penny’s book, Badlands. I’ve got Freefall line edits to look over. Plus, the holidays are coming and I’m not ready!

1. Stop by Cathy Pegau’s blog and leave a comment for a chance to win Aftershock. In a few weeks I’ll be doing a giveaway here for her next release, Caught in Amber. It’s available on NetGalley.

2. There’s a 2-book giveaway and a vagical interview posted at Romance Around the Corner. I’m sharing all of my secrets with Brie, one of my favorite bloggers.

3. Reviews! I’m loving the early reviews for Aftershock. Maggie Boyd of All About Romance raved about the toughness of my well-matched hero and heroine. She’s begging for Penny’s story (thank you!). There’s another lovely, eloquent review at The Romance Reader. I could quote the whole thing, but this part really struck me: “Sorenson manages to keep the readers and survivors alike poised on the knife edge between despair and hope.”

Kaetrin of Kaetrin’s Musings is looking forward to Sam’s story (up next). She wasn’t a huge fan of Garrett’s secret but she enjoyed other elements, including the stocked RV. Several readers have been relieved that the female characters have a private bathroom to use. I agree so much! Bathroom breaks are important. I think about these details. There’s also been a few mentions of Aftershock’s cinematic qualities, which thrills me. Hollywood: I’m still waiting.

Have a great week everyone!

Love Jill


One more week… — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Jill!
    Wow those were some good reviews! I’m even MORE excited to read Aftershock now!!!! And I laughed my ass off when I read Vagical! That’s awesome!

  2. Wait. Penny’s getting her own story? Yay! Why did I not know this before? 😀

    Jill, if you want to make it big in Hollywood disaster movies you need to add a dog. That’s my pro tip! LOL.

  3. Yes, my editor is a big fan of Penny. Yay! Your dog advice is well noted. You know, Dangerous to Touch has a dog. He’s a real character, kind of a mean misunderstood mongrel. I should do another dog story!

  4. I love dogs in stories. I’m not a fan of making dogs run on lava (as in the movie Dante’s Peak) even if the dog seemed unaffected.

    I shall put Dangerous to Touch on my radar. :)