I have two giveaways going this week and several more scheduled for next week. Whee!! The first is at Wonkomance, the quirky site where offbeat romance authors discuss all things wonky. I’m not sure if Aftershock is wonky, but it’s definitely not your typical romance.

I’m also hanging out with Wicked Lil Pixie for the 31 Wicked Days of Xmas. There I chat about my upcoming books and my worst Christmas gift. I have another post scheduled, Holiday Vibes, that expands on this topic. TMI alert.

You can win copies of Aftershock and Risky Christmas!! Go forth and comment.

The Goodreads buzz is building, thanks to Baba and Auntee. Both enjoyed Aftershock very much and included awesome gifs (moving pictures) in their reviews. Auntee’s review includes photos of two actors who look EXACTLY like my mental images of the hero and heroine. It’s uncanny. I love it!

More love and opportunities to win coming next week.


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